White Pine

The Eastern white pine is a tree for landscapes with ample space. You’ll love running your hands along the foliage. Its fine feathery needles, open canopy, and straight trunk get more picturesque with age. They are long-lived, fast-growing and vigorous.

The White Pine (Pinus strobus) is a hardy evergreen native to eastern North America. One of the most magnificent forest pine trees and it has a lot to offer.

When young, it presents an elegant, pyramidal form that matures into a tree with beautiful horizontal layered branching.

If planted in an open setting, the trunks of older trees often forks, and lateral branches remain along the main trunk very near the ground. Mature trees become less upright and formal and develop more of artistic look that is rounded or flattened.

When young, the bark is smooth and greenish brown. As the tree ages, the bark will deepen to dark gray and develop attractive ridges. The furrows are flat-topped and smooth to the touch.

These soft-needled pines feature regular arrangements of long, bluish-green needles in bundles of five. 

They vigorous grower, so you can expect to see results quickly and enjoy your tree for a long time. When small, you could also use this tree as a Christmas tree, as many people enjoy this variety for just that purpose.

There is a luscious fragrance that emits from the slow-moving resin.  A clean, earthy forest fragrance will cover your landscape.

Young plants transplant easily and can add several feet in a single season. Keep in mind when planting this tree, that they are going to get big. So give them some room to grow.

White Pine brings a timed style to your landscape. First a symmetrical one, then picturesque one. With its strong presence, you will have the star of your landscape.the tree

White Pine

Botanical name: Pinus strobus
All Common Names: Eastern white pine, white pine
Family (English): Pine
Family (Botanic): Pinaceae
Foliage: Evergreen (Retains most of its needles year-round)
Height: 50-80′
Spread: 20-40′
Shape: Broad, Irregular, Pyramidal
Exposure: Full Sun
Foliage: Dark green
Fall Foliage: Same
Zone: 3-7

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White Pine