Landscaping Trees – Planning Season

Plant beautiful Turck’s Trees landscaping trees in your yard or at your business.

30 plus varieties of Shades, Fruit Trees, Ornamental, and Minnesota grown Evergreens, and Deciduous Trees

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Landscaping trees add a much-needed shade, privacy, color, and value to your backyard or business location. Turck’s Trees’ landscape trees are now available. 30 plus varieties of Shades, Ornamental, and Evergreens. Landscaping trees are potted, balled and burlapped, or tree-spaded to your site.  Please contact us by phone or email if you have any questions, for pricing, schedule an appointment, or to make an order at (320) 693-3944 or

We have many acres of quality Minnesota grown Evergreens to choose from on our farm for both residential or commercial needs.
Meyers, Colorado Blue, and Black Hills Spruce are available in various sizes.

Before You Plant any landscaping trees:

What do you want? According to the Arbor Day Foundation think a little about what you want to achieve with your landscaping trees in general.
Before you can narrow down your tree selection determine why you are planting a tree. Here are some of the most common reasons trees are planted in the home landscape.

First, is shade important? Do you want to add a lot of shade to your yard? Then pick a tree with a broad canopy that will cast a big shadow.
Secondly, how important is beauty? You may want to enhance your curb appeal. Therefore consider planting something with vibrant color or unique texture. Ornamental and flowering trees are a great start.
Thirdly, will this be a food source? There is great satisfaction in harvesting your own fruits, nuts, or citrus trees. And you don’t have to wait 10 years to reap the benefits. In addition, many fruit trees are available in dwarf varieties and can bear fruit in as little as 3-5 years.
Fourthly, is privacy a issue? Trees work well as a privacy screen and soften harsh landscapes. A traditional fence is fine with most people. However, trees last longer and are more affordable then installing a traditional fence. With so many fast-growing privacy tree options, it’s hard not to add more green to your yard.
Lastly, what kind of habitat are you going to cultivate: Wildlife are a sure way to bring life to any landscape. Whether its birds, deer, squirrels, or rabbits, there is a tree for every critter.