Celebration Maple

A hybrid of the Silver and Red Maples, the Celebration Maple is a deciduous accent tree that gets energetic growth from the Silver Maple side of its family. The excellent grower elevates at a stellar rate of 3 to 7 feet per year, making it a great choice for homeowners who can’t wait for a ‘heightened’ yard.

It possesses a better structure than Autumn Blaze Maple with more open branch angles and a better-defined central leader. Use Celebration Maple as an accent or shade tree, or as a component of a mixed border where there is enough space.f you want privacy quickly, you’ll save years with the Celebration. The high-performance hybrid delivers incredible growth, looking more each year like a property fixture that’s been there for generations. Plus, as autumn sets in, you’ll adore how the deeply-cut, classic maple foliage ignites in bright yellow-orange and red-orange hues. The Celebration’s colors are present throughout the entire fall season, so expect to enjoy them day after day.

While other yard trees can break down under harsh weather conditions, the Celebration Maple stands tall and strong. With a strong central leader and sharp-angled branches, the Celebration® easily shoulders the weight of snow and ice and the strain of severe wind.

Even better? This Maple develops an upright, pyramidal form with a dense crown that resists breakage. And you can expect your Celebration Maple to remain with you through all the weather’s ups and downs, surviving and thriving, especially since we’ve planted and grown it at our nursery for long-lived success in your landscape.

Botanical name: Acer x freemanii ‘Celzam’
All Common Names: Celebration® Maple Tree
Family (English): Soapberry 
Family (Botanic): Sapindaceae (Aceraceae)
Foliage: Deciduous (seasonally loses leaves)
Height: 40′ – 50′
Spread: 20′ – 35′
Shape: Dense pyramidal head
Exposure: Full to Partial Sun
Foliage: Medium green 
Fall Foliage: Golden Yellow with Red
Zone: 4-8

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Celebration Maple